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Vows and OCD

Kvod Harav. I have been having problems lately. I feel as if I am making vows in my head that have negative implications on me and if I do not perform a certain task immediately or very soon after this negative outcome will occur. Further, as I was praying amidah I found myself making what I think is a neder by saying I will try and refrain from mixing meat and milk in my kitchen, however once I realized I re started amidah because I did not want the negative thought I have associated with this vow to happen If I do not keep this neder any advice?

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Hashkafa Question about Santa

I work in a public school. This year they are having staff members choose a child to buy a gift for them- and “santa” will give them out. Can I buy a gift for a child even though it will be given from “santa” because I will feel very awkward telling the administration that I cannot buy one….

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Evolution and the Torah

Kvod harav, according to the Torah how old is earth, and is there an opinion that we only count from the creation of Adam, but before that the earth existed? Was everything created at once, is everything the same age? Also are there any books on this(english)

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