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Vows and OCD

Kvod Harav. I have been having problems lately. I feel as if I am making vows in my head that have negative implications on me and if I do not perform a certain task immediately or very soon after this negative outcome will occur. Further, as I was praying amidah I found myself making what I think is a neder by saying I will try and refrain from mixing meat and milk in my kitchen, however once I realized I re started amidah because I did not want the negative thought I have associated with this vow to happen If I do not keep this neder any advice?

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Hashkafa Question about Santa

I work in a public school. This year they are having staff members choose a child to buy a gift for them- and “santa” will give them out. Can I buy a gift for a child even though it will be given from “santa” because I will feel very awkward telling the administration that I cannot buy one….

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