Questions and Answers Category: Kashrut

Fish Touched Pot With Meat

I had my fish and cholent (with meat) on my hotplate for Shabbat. The fish bubbled over and some of the sauce (and oil from the fish) spilled over onto the hotplate, and touched the outside of the pot with cholent? Is there a problem to eat the cholent?

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Waiting 6 Hours After Tasting Meat

I cooked chicken in a pot, then I took the chicken out and made a parve sauce in that pot. I didn’t clean the pot after taking out the chicken, and I think there were still a few small pieces left. I then tasted the sauce. Do I have to wait 6 hours to eat milk?

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Cooked Milk in Meat Pot

I started cooking milk in a meat pot that I didn’t use for a week. It wasn’t even hot when I stopped it, maybe 30 seconds later. Do I have to throw the milk or kosher the pot?

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