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Cake Smash

Can I make a “cake smash” for my child? Basically, when a baby turns 1, you bake a cake and let them smash it. It is a messy way of letting them have fun, and is a unique way of celebrating their first birthday.

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Stepping on Nails With Shoes

Hi, I watched your video about nails. I’ve learned in the past that stepping on nails is only a problem barefoot (assuming the nails are in the same spot they fell in); with shoes it’s not a problem. I can’t find the source to this. Have you heard of this at all?

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Damaging by Giving Bad Advice

Can one ever be Chayav for giving bad advice that indirectly leads to a loss? For example one tell his friend to take the Turnpike and he gets stuck in traffic and misses a meeting

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