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Pat Akum In School

I am a pre-school teacher in a Jewish school, where some of the teachers are Jewish and others are not. We bake challot for the kids in our toaster ovens on Thursdays as part of their Shabbat party. This week, one of the non-Jewish teachers baked the challot. What is the status of the challot and the toaster ovens?

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Dunkin Donuts and Pat Akum

Shouldnt dunkin donuts baked goods such as donuts and cookies all be kosher? Its all pat paltar. If They have a “kosher certification” why is it any worse than getting from any non-Jewish baker? I understand one should not be able to get a toasted egg and cheese from dunkin, but at the end of the day why shouldnt a donut from a kosher certified dunkin donuts not be kosher?

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