Daily Halacha – Making Tea On Shabbat

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  • Mrs P. Brysh 3 weeks ago

    Good afternoon,
    I have enjoyed listening to the Rav’s shiurim on torahanytime and found this website and have listened to the halochos on making tea and coffee on shabbos.
    Please can you say if you are giving sephardi psak? according to most ashkenazi poskim, tea bags cannot be used on shabbos even in klei shlishi. (Rav Neuwirth had to remove from second edition of shmiras shabbos k’hilchoso because of this).
    Also, regarding coffee, it is now known that many premium makes of coffee add uncooked ground coffee beans to instant coffee and can be as much as 15% of the coffee and one has to be careful of this even in klei shlishi. Rav Falk also says that the water should be put in the cup first and add coffee after.
    Both of these are opposite to what i understand the Rav says in the halochos i just listened to reference: Reference: sefer Zachor V’shamor, HaRav Falk, chelek 2, section on bishul.
    I am asking this knowing there are differences in psak between sephardim and ashkenazim, or possibly even between American and UK poskim, and if I am listening to other halochos here, i need to know if there may be a difference in what the Rav says to how i would need to follow.
    Thank you
    Mrs Brysh

    • RL 3 weeks ago

      Although there are many ashkenaz Poskim who forbid making tea, notably the Mishna Berura (סימן שיח ס”ק לט), there are ashkenaz poskim who permit making tea in a kli shlishi (see אגרות משה או”ח ח”ד סי’ ע”ד and 39 Melachos Rabbi Ribiat vol 2 pg 661). The debate is if kli shlishi has cooking power. The Gemara that discusses things which cook easily only forbids putting them in a kli sheini. The Mishna Berura extends this prohibition to kli shlishi, and Rav Moshe Feinstein does not.

      In general, on this site we try to answer for both sfardim and ashkenazim, and when there is a difference in the halacha we make note of that.

      All the best!