What Bracha Should One Make on Falafel Balls?

Published on January 3, 2022 by

Usually one eats falafel with a pita, so he washes on the bread and then is Motzi them with the bread. However what should one do if he wants to eat plain falafel balls? Falafel balls are made out of chickpeas that are ground up. Usually when the shape of a fruit or vegetable is changed from it’s original form, one makes a Shehakol on the item. Also frying an item makes is considered even more of a change. What about the fact that there is dough in falafel balls? Usually even if the main ingredient is not Mezonot, if there is something Mezonot in a product then we make a Mezonot.


Rabbi Shay Tahan is the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Shaarei Ezra located in the center of Flatbush. He is also the Rosh Beis Din of Beit Horaa Arzei Halevanon.
He recently authored Shaf Veyativ, a collection of responsa relating to COVID-19.


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